• Mission: Diversity in Blockchain  (DiB) is a non-profit organization committed to driving inclusion, education and leadership for diverse people in blockchain and emerging technologies. 
  • DiB enables and supports the inclusion of diverse individuals and communities to connect to the blockchain and emerging technologies ecosystems.
  • DiB crosses multiple blockchain-focused industries including financial services, healthcare, entertainment, supply chain management, intellectual property, real estate, education, artificial intelligence, IOT, and energy to support connecting people of diverse backgrounds. 
  • DiB is pioneering the 1st Blockchain Diversity Awards for  individuals and entities who are committed to and instrumental in creating opportunities for diverse inclusion. 
  • DiB will provide an inclusive forum for education, discussion and engagement for those interested in learning about blockchain and other emerging technologies.
  • DiB was incubated in early 2018 via MIT’s Legal Forum for Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, and MIT has incubated Diversity in Blockchain, pre-launch.
  • DiB will be formally launching soon. Join us by registering at www.diversityinblockchain.io to engage with this innovative, collaborative, and impactful organization.