True Innovation Includes Everyone


Diversity in Blockchain Inc. (DiB) is a nonprofit organization committed to creating equal, open and inclusive opportunities in the blockchain industry. Our mission is to empower everyone from all walks of life to engage with blockchain technology in order to ensure equal participation and distribution. True innovation includes everyone. Through education, discussion, and engagement we can build a support network as revolutionary as the blockchain itself.

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Our influence

DiB crosses all industries from financial services, insurance, identity management, humanitarian aid, healthcare, entertainment, supply chain management, civil society, intellectual property, real estate, education, artificial intelligence, IoT, energy, as well as anticipated blockchain industries. 

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DiB will provide Best Practices for the blockchain industry and participate in partnerships to provide forums for education, discussion, and engagement through networking events, accelerators, conferences, published reports (Annual Report on the State of Diversity in Blockchain), educational workshops, and the first ever Blockchain Diversity Awards, honoring trailblazers from varying backgrounds. We look forward to celebrating industry pioneers who are both instrumental in creating inclusive opportunities for diverse representation in emerging technology, as well as those who are on their way to doing so.

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Diversity in Blockchain Inc. was incubated in MIT’s Legal Forum in conjunction with the MIT Media Lab in Q1 of 2018 and participated in the Blockchain for Impact Global Summit held at the United Nations.  

Diversity in Blockchain Inc. is in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) status